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Pipe Project March 2017.  the pipe or culvert between the lake and canal was in need of repair.  Fortunately for Cypress Point, the very expensive repair was covered by North Palm Beach County Improvement District and PGA National since it was part of their water leveling system.  Here are some pics of the massive project.PipeType your paragraph here.

 2018 Maintenance fees Due:

 The first of: January, April, July and October Quarterly amounts due are:

 1 bedroom: $   775.00 per quarter

 2 bedroom: $1,101.22 per quarter

 You may pre-pay your maintenance by paying more than 1 quarter. 

 Follow the direction on the coupons books. 

 If you have not received your coupons, make your payment by:

 1) Make your check payable to Cypress Point Condo.

 2) Put your unit number in the memo section of your check

 3) Send your payment to the condo address:

     Cypress Point Condo

     191 Cypress Point Drive

     Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418

 Note:  If you do not have a coupon book, please let us know.

​ AUTO DEBIT:  If you are already signed up, you don't have to do anything.  Your 2018 

​ quarterly maintenance will continue to be deducted,  If ou would like to sign up for Auto
  Debit, please contact us.